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Camp Robber (Original)

Camp Robber (Original)


Art Description

Title: Camp Robber (Original)

This is the artist signed original artwork.

Size:  11” x 14” (x 1.5”)

Medium:  Acrylic

Materials:  Professional archival quality wrapped canvas

Inspiration: This little bird known by some as a camp robber or perhaps a gray jay to others is a bold little bird often found in areas around the Pacific Northwest. This one in particular was perched on a rock on top of Mt. Si. Often they are looking to rob your lunch from your hands or your pack. I like to have conversations with them rather than share my food. This little bird did not have much to say back in conversation although I feel like we shared a moment up there on that summit enjoying the view together. What a life to be a bird and always sit perched upon the tallest mountains, basking in the views. This painting is a reminder to pause and take in the view.

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Color: Colors may vary from screen to hand.

Prints:  The digital image of this painting belongs to Angie Lea and may be used to make limited edition prints in the future.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me for more information.


Keywords: #seahorse #family #saltyair #beachlife #friend #original