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Moose and Fireweed (Original)

Moose and Fireweed (Original)


Art Description

Title:Moose and Fireweed (Original)

This is the artist signed original artwork.

Size:  24” x 18” (x 1.5”)

Medium:  Acrylic

Materials:  Professional archival quality wrapped canvas

Inspiration: One of my favorite places outside of Washington is Alaska. Each visit there has been special in it’s own way. The last visit I got to see many moose and while my last two visits have been in winter when there has been snow and ice on the ground - I can imagine the moose walking around in the summer time through meadows filled with fireweed, perhaps thinking about delicious fireweed jelly on toast.

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Color: Colors may vary from screen to hand.

Prints:  The digital image of this painting belongs to Angie Lea and may be used to make limited edition prints in the future.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me for more information.