nature inspired art

About Angie Lea

Nature lover, adventurer, artist, writer, lover of life.

Inspiration for my art comes from life, from joy, from simple moments of being present. Early mornings in my garden - the calm, the peace, the sounds, the smells, the exquisite hummingbird that hovers near me each morning as if to say hello friend before lapping a nectar breakfast. Sitting quietly at the ocean, smelling the salty air and the wind brushing against my face. Climbing a mountain - through the wilderness, over rocks and standing on top of summits to watch the sunrise or sitting on an alpine lake shore to reflect as the sun sets. 

Simple pleasures come from moments of stillness. My artwork allows me to capture those moments and serves as a reminder that life is truly wonderful.


Nature lover, adventurer, artist, writer, joy seeker.

Like the plants and the animals she captures on canvas, Angie Lea is most alive soaking up the sun, immersed in the landscape of the Pacific Northwest - an enchanting balm to an adventurous soul.

Hiking hundreds of miles each year to indulge her senses and serve as inspiration for her art - she can often be found sketching, painting or writing on a mountain summit, on driftwood overlooking the ocean or in a hammock near an alpine lake - gathering small details to bring back to her studio in Olympia, Washington.

Author of the guide book “Explore Olympia, Tumwater and Lacey”, Angie is inspired by nature, exploration and sharing her discoveries through her art and writing.