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Hummingbird and the Poppies (Original)

Hummingbird and the Poppies (Original)


Art Description

Title: Hummingbird and the Poppies (Original)

This is the artist signed original artwork.

Size:  30” x 40” (x 1.5”)

Medium:  Acrylic

Materials:  Professional archival quality wrapped canvas

Inspiration: Each morning as I sat in my garden sipping a cup of coffee, I could hear the little whir of a hummingbird coming toward me. It would often pause in place in front of me as if to say good morning before it would start it’s day drinking nectar from the flowers in my garden. It felt like an old friend coming to visit me for coffee and each year I try to plant flowers that bring the hummingbirds. This painting is inspired by that old friend who always shows up and brightens your entire day.

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Color: Colors may vary from screen to hand.

Prints:  The digital image of this painting belongs to Angie Lea and may be used to make limited edition prints in the future.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me for more information.


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