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Floppy and the Tulips (Original)

Floppy and the Tulips (Original)


Art Description

Title: Bunny and the Tulips (Original)

This is the artist signed original artwork.

Size:  12” x 12” (x 1.5”)

Medium:  Acrylic

Materials:  Professional archival quality wrapped canvas

Inspiration: The bunnies are taking over the neighborhoods around the lakes and it is common to see them bouncing around eating in yards and gardens. This painting is inspired by long summer days coaxing the bunnies to come and stay a while and enjoying their fuzzy fur. One in particular we named Floppy. Floppy would stay a while and we would have long talks about summer days and adventures as the sun set behind the trees and he would hop off to return another day.

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Color: Colors may vary from screen to hand.

Prints:  The digital image of this painting belongs to Angie Lea and may be used to make limited edition prints in the future.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me for more information.


Keywords: bunny tulips spring rabbit grass green original